VitriPatch Pouches 30 days supply


Topical Supplement Patch

Powerful Multivitamin and Vital Nutrient Support

No health, wellness, or beauty regimen is complete without the right nourishment for the body and skin. VitriPatch, proudly brought to you by ProPatch+, is ideal for everyone, including patients seeking aesthetic enhancement or health and wellness services. The topical supplement patch provides multivitamins and vital nutrient support, complementing and elevating your treatment results from the inside out!

VitriPatch - Powerful Multivitamin and Vital Nutrients for Total Health and Immunity

VitriPatch's scientifically formulated ingredients offer a comprehensive wellness solution. The transdermal patch is packed with the highest quality multivitamins and nutrients, providing daily support for heart health, cognitive function, and brain function. It also boosts energy, immunity, and metabolism, enhances mental and physical performance, and provides antioxidant cellular protection. VitriPatch is the key to comprehensive beauty, health, and well-being.

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Here's a look at our powerful and plentiful VitriPatch ingredients:

VitriPatch contains the purest, clinically tested ingredients for an unmatched health and wellness boost from within:

  • B-Complex Vitamins help prevent infection, support cell health, boost energy levels, and enhance the immune system. They also relieve stress, reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, enhance brain function and cardiovascular health, improve muscle tone, and promote skin health.
    • B vitamins within VitriPatch:
      • B1 (thiamine)
      • B2 (riboflavin)
      • B3 (niacin)
      • B5 (pantothenic acid)
      • B6 (pyridoxine)
      • B7 (biotin)
      • B9 (folate)
      • B12 (methylcobalamin)
    • Omega 3 and 6 are essential fatty acids that support brain, heart, and cognitive health and function. They also manage cholesterol, have antibacterial properties, reduce inflammation, and keep the skin hydrated.
  • Essential Vitamins A, C, D, E, and K support immune function, boost hair growth, enhance skin, muscle, and bone health, provide antioxidant protection, eliminate free radicals, reduce oxidative stress, and support collagen production. This powerful combo of essential vitamins sets the foundation of this gold-standard supplement patch.
  • Astaxanthin, Curcumin, Selenium, Coq10, and Lion's Mane Mushroom are super antioxidants that protect cells against free radicals. They also reduce inflammation and redness, promote healthy energy levels, boost the immune system, keep the skin hydrated, improve skin elasticity, reduce acne, reverse sun damage, and minimize the visible signs of aging.
  • Zinc and Lysine boost immunity and provide powerful anti-viral support. The unique amino acid and mineral combo also helps reduce anxiety, improves calcium absorption, promotes wound healing, and supports collagen synthesis.
  • Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, and Phosphorus are major minerals that complete the dramatic impacts of Vitripatch, providing head-to-toe health, beauty, and wellness support.

The VitriPatch Profit Potential

Did you know that the vital supplement market is valued at $46.8 billion and is forecasted to grow to a whopping $71.4 billion by 2028? The VitriPatch offers a unique multivitamin and nutrient delivery using freeze-dried nanotechnology. Natural supplements travel to the bloodstream, bypassing the harsh environment of the digestive tract. With our innovative Time-Release Technology, our physician-formulated vitamins and nutrients are absorbed gradually and consistently over an eight-hour period.

Pairing VitriPatch with wellness regimens provides a complete program from the inside out, adding to your bottom-line profits. Our powerful vitamin and nutrient patches are enriching components of any beauty or wellness treatment or can be used on their own to provide healing and renewal at the cellular level.

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The Problem with Oral Supplements

While consuming a balanced, healthy diet provides many essential vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, it can be challenging to meet the daily requirements. Oral supplements don't always offer the ideal solution to restore micronutrient levels for optimal health. That's because they must travel through the hostile environment of the digestive tract, break down by stomach acids, make it through the liver, and finally enter the bloodstream. The active ingredients are reduced repeatedly during this long journey, and much of their value is lost.

Aside from effectiveness, oral supplements may not be the most convenient. Many struggle with dealing with handfuls of pills every day or have to plan their meals around them. Moreover, about 40 percent of adults have difficulty swallowing pills, while others have gastrointestinal issues and must choose between ditching their vitamins or dealing with stomach upsets.

Nutrient Delivery Made Simple

ProPatch+ offers a simple, hassle-free solution to deliver professional-grade vitamins and nutrients through the skin and into the bloodstream. The nutrients are time-released over 8 hours, maximizing their absorption and benefits. VitriPatch is packed with physician-formulated, clinically tested ingredients that correlate with health, wellness, immunity, fitness, and recovery.

VitriPatch is offered by select providers, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas, wellness centers, weight loss centers, chiropractors, fitness centers, OB/gyn practices, family practices, dentists, spas, and beauty salons. The tiny patches are so simple and easy to use, yet so effective!

Transdermal Patch Supplement Delivery

The Powerful Total Health Regimen

VitriPatch is ideal as a part of an overall regimen to enhance your patients' health and quality of life.

  • Apply VitriPatch

    Carefully peel the professional-grade wellness patch and apply it like a bandaid to hair and lotion-free skin. Wear the VitriPatch in the morning for a full-day wellness and energy boost. Remove the patch after 8 hours. Repeat every morning.

  • Drink Plenty of Water and Maintain a Healthy Diet

    Improve digestion, enhance mood and brain power, increase productivity, boost the immune system, support kidney health, and refine the overall quality of life.

  • Exercise Daily

    Boost energy levels, support the immune system, enhance mood, increase blood flow, trigger skin cell regeneration, improve heart health, promote skin health, prevent premature aging, and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

  • Rest and Release Stress

    Slow down wear and tear, age gracefully, maintain healthy blood pressure, improve digestion, increase blood flow, boost brain health, reduce stress hormones, promote better sleep, and feel happier.

Ditch 15+ Pills for a VitriPatch!

We invite you to learn more about VitriPatch, the new way to complement and support your cosmetic treatments and wellness regimens. Our physician-formulated vitamins and supplements are created from the purest and most powerful ingredients for a total head-to-toe beauty and wellness boost. We invite you to join our exclusive ProPatch+ providers today and see the results for yourself!

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