The Future of Nutrient Delivery is Here!

Enhance your health, wellness, and lifestyle programs with the ease of a supplement patch.

Introducing ProPatch+, the first and latest supplement delivery mechanism to be launched into the professional medical aesthetic market and health & wellness arena. Our transdermal patches avoid the acidic conditions of the digestive tract allowing for improved absorption of nutrients.

The ProPatch+ physician-formulated patch line includes scientifically tested ingredients to support and enhance a variety of aesthetic body & anti-aging treatments and wellness programs. Our medical-grade patches are ideal not only for aesthetic patients but are also effective for anyone looking to improve their mental and physical health, wellness, and immunity with the ease of a patch. From athletes to patients with Alzheimer’s disease or those who have difficulty swallowing pills, our patches provide powerful nutrients for enhanced energy, endurance, fortitude, and total wellness.

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“Providing an easy way to deliver nutrients that support various lifestyle goals to those who have difficulty swallowing pills or just prefer the convenience of a simple and effective patch. We’re excited to use this opportunity to support our most important service sectors, our military, frontline workers, and first responders.”

Kaylene Schultz

ProPatch+ Supports a Bigger Purpose

We at ProPatch+ believe that the most important sectors of our country and communities are the military, first responders, and front-line workers. One of our inspirational organizations, Tunnel to Towers, was formed after 9/11 and has been supporting America’s heroes ever since. provides help to fallen & injured personnel & their families, supports veteran homelessness, and aids in major U.S. disasters.

We support frontline & first responder programs such as Tunnel to Towers.

Tunnel to Towers