SculptPatch - Topical Supplement patch body shaping supplement support for energy production, appetite suppressant, anti-inflammatory and lymphatic cleasing.


Topical Supplement Patch

Body Shaping Supplement Support
for Energy Production, Appetite Suppressant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Lymphatic Cleansing

Supporting your body shaping and sculpting goals is as simple as a SculptPatch. The gold standard, medical-grade technology delivers clinically tested nutrients straight into your bloodstream for an 8-hour health and wellness boost. The powerful ingredients reduce appetite, decrease inflammation and swelling, enhance energy and metabolism, and help the lymphatic system remove dead fat cells. Ditch 12+ daily pills for a simple patch! Enhance your body sculpting programs today!


The most advanced delivery system for body shaping nutrients with medical grade patch technology.

Utilizing the skin for the delivery system, SculptPatch uses freeze-dried nanotechnology with active potency amplification. Nutrients are transmitted through the skin and directly into bloodstream through Time-Release Technology allowing nutrients to be absorbed over an 8-hour period for increased absorption compared to pills.


Physician Formulated

Designed to Enhance Body Sculpting Programs

Stimulate Energy Production and Metabolism

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Anti-inflammatory and Lymphatic Cleansing

Reduce Swelling and Improve Immunity

Gold Standard Ingredients

Vitamin B12, Garcinia Cambogia, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Myrrh

Organic, Vegan, Latex Free

No Fillers. No Binders.

SculptPatch is ideal as part of an Overall Regimen to Support a Body Program Success

  • Apply SculptPatch

    Carefully peel your SculptPatch and apply it like a bandaid to a hair-free and lotion-free area of your skin. Remove your patch after 8 hours. Repeat every morning.

  • Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthy

    Stay hydrated, improve oxygen circulation, boost your energy levels, promote weight loss, flush out toxins, improve your athletic performance, and increase your productivity.

  • Exercise

    Feel more energetic, build stronger bones, enhance blood circulation, improve endurance, increase muscle mass, and enhance your weight loss efforts.

  • Rest and Release Stress

    Slow your heart rate, increase blood flow to major muscles, reduce muscle tension and chronic pain, lower fatigue, and improve your sleep and quality of life.

  • Ideal with Body Treatment

    The SculptPatch is ideal for pairing with body sculpting treatments to enhance their results. It can also be used as a daily natural energy boost, an appetite suppressant, or for lymphatic drainage to remove everyday toxins.

12 Pills Per Day vs 1 Simple Patch

Ditch Pills for a Patch! No more swallowing pills!

patch sheet with gold circle
  • Vitamin B12

    Helps Improve Energy and Metabolism

  • Garcinia Cambogia

    Known to Decrease Appetite

  • Echinacea

    Help Reduce Swelling and Improve Immunity

  • Goldenseal and Myrrh

    Help Support Lymphatic Cleansing

SculptPatch Testimonials

“I have used SculptPatch after my second round of body shaping treatments and my recovery was even quicker and easier. I don’t feel as hungry, and I have extra energy throughout the day! No pills or injections. It’s really great!”


New York, NY

"A friend told me I should try the SculptPatch that she was using after her body-shaping treatment. I bought a 90-day supply and after a few days I realized I had lots of energy & my appetite was under control. I liked the idea of a patch that easily sticks to your body and ingredients seem to work for me. I think SculptPatch is brilliant."



"Can I just say YAY! I am using a product that is so easy to use and add to my daily routine! I have been using SculptPatch for 30 days and I love the effects of the appetite control the most!"


Glendale, AZ

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