RenewPatch - Topical Supplement Patch for anti-aging collagen+ nutrition for skin and hair renewal.


Topical Supplement Patch

Anti-aging Collagen+ Nutrition for Hair Restoration and Skin Rejuvenation

Rest, refresh, and rejuvenate! The RenewPatch provides powerful anti-aging nutrients known for renewal from within. Pair the transformative supplements with your skin rejuvenation treatments, hair restoration procedures, skincare products, and hair regrowth serums for total rejuvenation and enhanced treatment outcomes. Wear your RenewPatch as you sleep when most cellular regeneration takes place.


The most advanced delivery system for skin and hair renewal nutrients with medical grade patch technology.

Utilizing the skin for the delivery system, RenewPatch uses freeze-dried nanotechnology with active potency amplification. Nutrients are transmitted through the skin and directly into bloodstream through Time-Release Technology allowing nutrients to be absorbed over an 8-hour period for increased absorption compared to pills. 

Physician Formulated

Designed for Skin and Hair Cellular Nutrition from Within

Support Dermal Elasticity

Rejuvenation, Tissue Repair, and Hydration

Promote Hair Health

Restoration and Growth

Protect Cells

with Super Antioxidants

Aid in Reducing Anxiety and Stress

Gold Standard Ingredients

Known for Powerful Anti-Aging Properties

All Natural and Latex Free

No Fillers. No Binders.

RenewPatch is ideal as part of an Overall Regimen to Enhance Anti-Aging Treatments From Within

  • Apply RenewPatch

    Carefully peel your RenewPatch and apply it like a bandaid to a hair-free and lotion-free area of your skin. Remove your patch after 8 hours. Repeat every evening.

  • Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Healthy

    Stay energized, boost your skin and hair health, repair cellular damage, delay aging, protect your cells from environmental damage, and promote cell growth and repair.

  • Exercise

    Boost your energy and immune system, enhance your circulation, reduce skin cell degeneration, reduce pain, enhance your heart health, and improve your quality of sleep.

  • Rest and Release Stress

    Lower your stress, slow down wear and tear, diminish the signs of aging, enhance your energy levels, boost healing at the cellular level, and improve your skin health.

  • Ideal with Anti-Aging Skin and Hair Treatments

    The RenewPatch is ideal for pairing with hair restoration and skin rejuvenation treatments, enhancing their outcomes. It can also be used as a daily natural anti-aging supplement to help achieve robust cellular renewal and healing from within.

Clinically Tested Ingredients
All on 1 Patch Per Day

Ditch Pills for a Patch! No more swallowing pills!

patch sheet with gold circle
  • Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

    Known for Rejuvenation, Dermal Elasticity, Tissue Repair, and Hydration

  • Biotin and Saw Palmetto

    Help Support Hair Health, Restoration and Growth

  • Resveratrol and Zinc

    Recognized as Super Antioxidants

  • Ashwagandha

    Help Reduce Anxiety and Stress

  • Antarctic Krill Oil and Piper Nigrum, Vitamins A, E, C

    Complete the Impact of this Cell Renewal Patch

RenewPatch Testimonials

“My dermatologist recommended that I take skin and hair supplements to support the anti-aging treatment series that I just started. She got me started on a 90-day supply of Renew Patches with Collagen and other great ingredients. I put one patch on at night. I love how easy they are to use.”


Scottsdale, AZ

"I love adding the RenewPatch to my nightly routine! The patch reminds me to slow down and using this patch makes me feel so good to know that while I am sleeping, the patch is working on my cells!  At 61, I want to supply my body with what I need and using the RenewPatch is so effortless! I just put it on when I put on my PJ's!"


Glendale, AZ

"Age has been harsh on this grandmother, and I was skeptical that a small patch could have such a powerful anti-aging effect. I've used the RenewPatch for only a month and can already see a difference in my skin and hair health. I wish this technology had existed when I was younger!"


Saint Cloud, FL

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