Happy travel woman on vacation. Funny traveler enjoy her trip and ready to adventure with the help of ProPatch+

Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Getting ready for an upcoming trip? While traveling, it’s easy to forget about your health goals, making it challenging to transition back to healthy eating and exercise when you return home. Here are some tips to help maintain your balance, whether you’re away for work or pleasure. Plan Ahead with Healthy Travel Snacks It’s ok…
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5 Benefits of Vitamin and Supplement of ProPatch+

5 Benefits of Vitamin and Supplement Patches

Looking for a way to stay ahead of your vitamin and nutrient needs? Gone are the days when vitamins and nutrients were only available through whole foods or oral supplements. Today, ProPatch+ transdermal patches offer a simple, hassle-free solution for a total health and wellness boost. Our patches are so small, so convenient, yet so…
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New Year, New You. Vitamins & Supplements ProPatch+

New Year, New You – New Way to get your Vitamins & Supplements – On a Patch!

Happy New Year! The beginning of a year is an excellent opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes to boost your sense of wellness and quality of life. You only get one body. The more effort you put into caring for it, the better it will serve you later in life. Spread the word. Educate your…
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ProPatch+ VitriPatch - Wellness in a Patch

Introducing the VitriPatch – Wellness in a Patch

ProPatch+ is pleased to introduce VitriPatch, the powerful full-spectrum health and wellness supplement for enhanced mental and physical performance. Today’s most advanced delivery system transmits physician-formulated multivitamins and nutrients through your skin and directly into your bloodstream, providing maximum absorption and an 8-hour health and energy boost. Giving your body total wellness is as simple…
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ProPatch+ RenewPatch

Introducing the RenewPatch – Anti-Aging from the Inside Out

ProPatch+ is pleased to introduce RenewPatch, the powerful physician-formulated anti-aging solution. The next-generation transdermal patch delivery system releases clinically tested nutrients through the skin and straight into your bloodstream for an 8-hour wellness boost from within. Supporting your skin and hair rejuvenation and restoration efforts is as easy as a daily patch! Anti-Aging Nutrition Supplements…
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ProPatch+ SculptPatch

Introducing SculptPatch – Support Your Body Sculpting Journey

Achieving body shaping goals is a continual journey. Adding SculptPatch into your overall body sculpting regimen supports your efforts with the ease of a simple and effective daily patch. SculptPatch is brought to you by ProPatch+. The gold standard, medical-grade transdermal patch technology delivers powerful, clinically tested nutrients through the skin and straight into your…
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