Sculpt for the Season – Your Holiday Prep Routine

Sculpt for the Season - Your Holiday Prep Routine with SculptPatch

As the holidays approach, many of us deal with an all too familiar dilemma: how to enjoy the festive season and savor the holiday delicacies while maintaining our health and body shaping goals. It’s a balancing act, which can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Starting a body shaping routine and staying on top of your vitamin and nutrient needs before the holidays will help you feel your healthiest and most energetic as you enjoy the festivities!

Burn Fat and Build Muscle with High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, consists of short bursts of intense workouts, quick recovery, and high-intensity exercises once again. Activities include stationary bikes, running, jump ropes, or weight training. HIIT helps you burn more calories faster, and you’ll continue burning calories for a few hours after you’re done! You’ll lose fat, build muscle, boost your metabolism, and achieve a healthier weight. The high-intensity workout gets the feel-good endorphins flowing, leaving you feeling better than ever this holiday season.

Shake Up Your Fitness Routine with Rebounding Exercises

All you need is a small trampoline to shake up your workouts. From marching in place to prancing, torso twists, and jump squats, there are numerous rebounding exercises to choose from. Have fun as you build muscle and lose fat, strengthen your bones, improve balance and coordination, promote heart health, and boost your mood! Rebounding exercises offer numerous benefits for all fitness levels and stages of life!

Your Powerful Allies in Your Fitness Journey: SculptPatch and VitriPatch

Introducing SculptPatch and VitriPatch by ProPatch+, a power-packed energy and wellness combo that takes body sculpting and fitness to the next level. Unlike oral supplements that deal with the digestive tract with its hostile environment, the leading transdermal patches deliver vital vitamins and nutrients through your skin and straight into your bloodstream, maximizing their benefits. 

  • SculptPatch – Body Shaping Supplement Support: Support your body sculpting goals, boost exercise endurance, enhance energy and immunity, help metabolize fat, support bone health, naturally suppress your appetite, reduce inflammation, and promote lymphatic cleansing, removing daily toxins.
  • VitriPatch: Multivitamin+ with Vital Nutrients for Total Health + Wellness + Immunity: Support brain function and heart health, boost energy and metabolism, improve muscle tone, enhance physical performance, reduce inflammation, relieve stress, and protect your cells with super antioxidants.

Shape Your Best Holiday Self Today!

You don’t have to choose between festive delights and staying your fittest and healthiest. Get into shape and support your health and wellness goals with SculptPatch and VitriPatch. Savor every moment with family and friends while taking your health and fitness to new levels. We invite you to discover the new way to feel and live your best this holiday season!


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